HP C9369W, #99 Premium Compatibles Remanufactured


Premium quality replacement for DeskJet 460, 5740, OfficeJet 6310, 7210 Photo COLOR


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Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers: C9369W (HP 99). Compatible with the Following Printer Models: DesignJet 5940, DesignJet 5940XI, DeskJet 460, DeskJet 460C, DeskJet 460CB, DeskJet 460WBT, DeskJet 460WF, DeskJet 5420, DeskJet 5420V, DeskJet 5440, DeskJet 5440V, DeskJet 5440XI, DeskJet 5442, DeskJet 5443, DeskJet 5740, DeskJet 5740XI, DeskJet 5743, DeskJet 5745, DeskJet 5748, DeskJet 5940, DeskJet 5940XI, DeskJet 6520, DeskJet 6520XI, DeskJet 6540, DeskJet 6540DT, DeskJet 6540XI, DeskJet 6548, DeskJet 6620, DeskJet 6620XI, DeskJet 6830, DeskJet 6830V, DeskJet 6840, DeskJet 6840DT, DeskJet 6840XI, DeskJet 6848, DeskJet 6940, DeskJet 6940DT, DeskJet 6980, DeskJet 6980DT, DeskJet 6988, DeskJet 6988DT, DeskJet 9800, DeskJet 9800D, DeskJet 9808, DeskJet D4145, DeskJet D4155, DeskJet D4160, DeskJet D4260, DeskJet D4263, DeskJet D4268, DeskJet D4280, DeskJet D4360, DeskJet D4363, DeskJet D4368, OfficeJet 100, OfficeJet 150, OfficeJet 6200, OfficeJet 6210, OfficeJet 6210V, OfficeJet 6210XI, OfficeJet 6213, OfficeJet 6215, OfficeJet 6310, OfficeJet 6310V, OfficeJet 6310XI, OfficeJet 6318, OfficeJet 7208, OfficeJet 7210, OfficeJet 7210V, OfficeJet 7210XI, OfficeJet 7310, OfficeJet 7310XI, OfficeJet 7410, OfficeJet 7410XI, OfficeJet H470, OfficeJet H470B, OfficeJet H470WBT, OfficeJet J5700, OfficeJet J5725, OfficeJet J5730, OfficeJet J5735, OfficeJet J5738, OfficeJet J5740, OfficeJet J5750, OfficeJet J5780, OfficeJet J5783, OfficeJet J5785, OfficeJet J5788, OfficeJet J5790, OfficeJet J6405, OfficeJet J6410, OfficeJet J6413, OfficeJet J6415, OfficeJet J6424, OfficeJet J6450, OfficeJet J6480, OfficeJet J6488, PhotoSmart 2570, PhotoSmart 2575, PhotoSmart 2575V, PhotoSmart 2575XI, PhotoSmart 2605, PhotoSmart 2608, PhotoSmart 2610, PhotoSmart 2610V, PhotoSmart 2610XI, PhotoSmart 2613, PhotoSmart 2710, PhotoSmart 2710XI, PhotoSmart 7850, PhotoSmart 8049, PhotoSmart 8050, PhotoSmart 8150, PhotoSmart 8150V, PhotoSmart 8150XI, PhotoSmart 8400, PhotoSmart 8450, PhotoSmart 8450XI, PhotoSmart 8750, PhotoSmart 8750GP, PhotoSmart 8750XI, PhotoSmart 8753, PhotoSmart 8758, PhotoSmart B8300, PhotoSmart B8330, PhotoSmart B8338, PhotoSmart B8350, PhotoSmart B8350, PhotoSmart B8353, PhotoSmart C3100, PhotoSmart C3110, PhotoSmart C3125, PhotoSmart C3135, PhotoSmart C3140, PhotoSmart C3150, PhotoSmart C3170, PhotoSmart C3173, PhotoSmart C3175, PhotoSmart C3180, PhotoSmart C3183, PhotoSmart C3188, PhotoSmart C3190, PhotoSmart C3193, PhotoSmart C3194, PhotoSmart C4100, PhotoSmart C4110, PhotoSmart C4140, PhotoSmart C4150, PhotoSmart C4180, PhotoSmart C4183, PhotoSmart C4188, PhotoSmart C4200, PhotoSmart C4205, PhotoSmart C4210, PhotoSmart C4225, PhotoSmart C4235, PhotoSmart C4240, PhotoSmart C4250, PhotoSmart C4270, PhotoSmart C4272, PhotoSmart C4273, PhotoSmart C4275, PhotoSmart C4280, PhotoSmart C4283, PhotoSmart C4285, PhotoSmart C4288, PhotoSmart C4293, PhotoSmart C4294, PhotoSmart C4300, PhotoSmart C4340, PhotoSmart C4342, PhotoSmart C4343, PhotoSmart C4344, PhotoSmart C4345, PhotoSmart C4348, PhotoSmart C4380, PhotoSmart C4382, PhotoSmart C4383, PhotoSmart C4384, PhotoSmart C4385, PhotoSmart C4400, PhotoSmart C4410, PhotoSmart C4424, PhotoSmart C4435, PhotoSmart C4440, PhotoSmart C4450, PhotoSmart C4470, PhotoSmart C4472, PhotoSmart C4473, PhotoSmart C4475, PhotoSmart C4480, PhotoSmart C4483, PhotoSmart C4485, PhotoSmart C4488, PhotoSmart C4493, PhotoSmart C4494, PhotoSmart C4500, PhotoSmart C4524, PhotoSmart C4540, PhotoSmart C4550, PhotoSmart C4575, PhotoSmart C4580, PhotoSmart C4583, PhotoSmart C4585, PhotoSmart C4588, PhotoSmart C4599, PhotoSmart C5200, PhotoSmart C5225, PhotoSmart C5240, PhotoSmart C5250, PhotoSmart C5270, PhotoSmart C5273, PhotoSmart C5275, PhotoSmart C5280, PhotoSmart C5283, PhotoSmart C5288, PhotoSmart C5290, PhotoSmart C5293, PhotoSmart C5500, PhotoSmart C5540, PhotoSmart C5550, PhotoSmart C5580, PhotoSmart D5060, PhotoSmart D5065, PhotoSmart D5069, PhotoSmart D5100, PhotoSmart D5145, PhotoSmart D5155, PhotoSmart D5160, PhotoSmart D5300, PhotoSmart D5345, PhotoSmart D5360, PhotoSmart D5363, PhotoSmart D5368, PSC 1507, PSC 1510, PSC 1510V, PSC 1510XI, PSC 1600, PSC 1610, PSC 1610V, PSC 1610XI, PSC 2350, PSC 2355, PSC 2355V, PSC 2355XI. Premium quality replacement for DeskJet 460, 5740, OfficeJet 6310, 7210 Photo COLOR. Using Premium Compatibles products does not void your product warranty.

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