HP 51626A, #26 Premium Compatibles Remanufactured


Premium quality replacement for Deskjet 400’s, 500’s Black

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Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers: 51626A (HP 26). Compatible with the Following Printer Models: Apollo P1200, DesignJet 200, DesignJet 220, DesignJet 600, DeskJet (1st Version), DeskJet 340, DeskJet 340CBI, DeskJet 340CM, DeskJet 340CV, DeskJet 400, DeskJet 400L, DeskJet 420, DeskJet 420C, DeskJet 500C, DeskJet 510, DeskJet 520, DeskJet 540, DeskJet 540C, DeskJet 550, DeskJet 550C, DeskJet 560, DeskJet 560C, DeskJet Plus, DeskWriter (1st Version), DeskWriter 310, DeskWriter 320, DeskWriter 510, DeskWriter 520, DeskWriter 520C, DeskWriter 540, DeskWriter 540C, DeskWriter 550, DeskWriter 550C, DeskWriter 560, DeskWriter 560C, DeskWriter C, DeskWriter C510, DeskWriter C520, DeskWriter C540, DeskWriter C550, DeskWriter C550C, DeskWriter C560, DeskWriter C560C, Fax 200, Fax 300, Fax 310, Fax 700, Fax 750, Fax 900, Fax 950, OfficeJet 300, OfficeJet 330, OfficeJet 350, OfficeJet All-in-One (1st Version), OfficeJet LX. Premium quality replacement for Deskjet 400’s, 500’s Black. Using Premium Compatibles products does not void your product warranty.

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