Networking focused on growing your brand

We believe networking is about building meaningful partnerships with fellow small businesses

Networking is about getting to know your fellow members and how to become a more valuable resource to each other and the community as a whole.

three young adults sit at the corner of a table to network.

A New Take On Networking


Open In Indiana networking groups are open to all local businesses regardless of size and industry.

Relationship Building

Open In Indiana members are focused on getting to know fellow members and how they can help.

Community Involvement

We believe that giving back to our community is a core value of every successful entrepreneur.

Online Community

Publish your profile, create an offer, share your event and join the discussion with fellow members.

Leadership Opportunities

Are you ready to become a leader? We’ll help you start your own Open In Indiana networking group.

Open In Indiana Networking Groups

Open In Indiana - Events
October 2019
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We believe that networking is about building me

Oct 1 14:00 15:00

This workshop is about the benefits of your pro

Oct 2 11:30 13:00

Join us on the 1st Thursday of each month for O

Oct 3 14:00 15:00

Open In Indiana networking groups are focused o

Oct 4 9:00 10:00

Come join us for Open in Carmel Small Business

Oct 7 11:30 12:30

This is free networking event, hosted at Dale'

Oct 16 11:30 12:30

Join us for Open In Indy Broad Ripple Business

Oct 17 15:00 16:00

Open In Indiana networking groups are focused o

Oct 18 9:00 10:00

Join us for Open In Indiana Business Casual Min

Oct 18 15:30 17:00

Open in Carmel Small Business Leaders is a netw

Oct 21 11:30 12:30

We believe that networking is about building me

Oct 25 16:00 18:00

Join us for Open In Fishers Connecting Success

Oct 28 11:30 12:30

Meet Our Leaders

Ryan Henry

Leader of: Open In Carmel Small Business Leaders, Open In Indy Downtown Masterminds, Open In Indiana Lawrence Meetup

Ryan started his first business in 2010 offering home computer repair. In 2016, after finding a niche in helping other small business owners use the tools necessary to growing a small business, he founded Henry Marketing Group and Open In Indiana.

Ryan enjoys working with small business owners to understand their target customer and how to use technology as a marketing tool for finding those customers.

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Carly Henry

Leader of: Open In Indy Fresh Networking

Carly began designing websites in 1996 at The Children’s Museum before attending Ball State University for her Bachelor’s Degree in German and IUPUI for her Master’s Degree in Library Science.

Carly enjoys working with clients to find the right solutions to their website and marketing needs.

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Christian Tombers

Leader of Open In Indiana Westfield Meetup

Christian brings over 30 years of experience in sales to help entrepreneurs overcome their fear of selling.

Christian enjoys helping small business owners and sales professionals learn how to turn ‘no’ into ‘I want to KNOW more!’

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