Do you want to lead an Open In Indiana meeting?

We’re looking for people interested in leadership opportunities with Open In Indiana!

We’re looking for people to take on the role of meeting leader and leading an Open In Indiana meeting. If this sounds interesting, read on!


Small business owners encompass a wide range of people and it is important that Open In Indiana leaders are welcoming to all meeting attendees.


By encouraging people to support local businesses and non-profits, we’re hoping to support increased entrepreneurship in our communities. We want leaders who are passionate about building a thriving local community by supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses.


Whether it’s sharing your expertise with fellow members or listening to another member share with you, sharing introductions, resources, and opportunities is at the center of what we’re doing.

Start Your Open In Indiana Meeting

The text "Leadership Opportunities" under the Open In Indiana logo, with "Open In" in a blue chat box with white writing and Indiana under that in white with a black outline. The background is an image of a microphone close up and a blurred conference room full of people.
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