Do you want to host an Open In Indiana meeting?

We’ve got leaders looking for network meeting locations in central Indiana,
and are looking for locations that preferably have the following characteristics:

Seats between 10-20 People

The attendance of the groups varies from meeting to meeting and group to group. Preferably, if the meeting area could comfortably sit 10-20 (and up to 30+) together, it would be ideal.


Preferably any music could be turned down in the area, so that the members can hear the meeting. As we take turns talking, we must be able to hear everyone.

Food or Drinks

We encourage meeting attendees to support our hosts at every meeting, and want to connect with local restaurants who have meeting space. Many of our meetings take place during breakfast and lunch, so specials for these are a bonus.

No Rental Fee

There is no charge for Open In Indiana membership, and we hope that our hosts will join Open In Indiana as well. Because of this, we’re looking for local venues with no room rental fees.

Submit Your Venue Now

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