Get Listed on Open In Indiana

Follow along with these steps to get your business listed on Open In Indiana and get started with the forums!

Click these links to skip to sections: create your account, create your directory listing, create your offer, update your profile,add a friend, join a group, favorite, subscribe, and reply, register now for a free workshop to get signed up.

From the Join page, click on Join Now.

A screenshot of the Join page and the first button in the page is Join Now.

A screenshot of the Join page with someone hovering over the Join Now button.

This will take you to the check out page. Scroll down and fill out your contact info here and be sure to select the communities you serve.

The checkout page to join Open In Indiana.

The fields to fill out with your information.

Make sure to fill out all the fields.

Then click on Place Order at the bottom of the page.

Someone hovering over the Place Order button.

On the next page, at the top, click on where it says You can start building your business listing by clicking here.

Click on the link to get started

This is your directory listing management page. The title must be your business name.

Directory listing management page.

Fill out your listing and submit it for review.

Fill out your listing.

Post submitted.

Then add an offer to your listing. Click on Add New under Offer.

Add New Offer for your listing.

Fill out the fields and click on submit for review. Your Offer title must match your business name from your directory listing.

Fill out offer for your listing.

Now return to your directory listing and attach the offer.

Click on Directory listings.

Hover over your directory listing.

Hovering over your directory listing.

Scroll down to Offers and choose your offer from the drop down.

Choose your offer.

Offer chosen.

Submit your directory listing for review again.

Submitting for review.

Now you can preview your directory listing. No one else (except for the admins) can see it.

Options for previewing your listing.

The preview of your business listing.

Once your directory listing is approved, it’ll be visible on the site.

The live business listing.

And it’ll show up in the directory for your community.

Your business listing in your community page.

Go to Profile and Edit to edit your profile.

Go to the Edit your profile page.

Your profile edit page.

Scroll down and fill out your profile.

Fill out your profile and select the visibility settings.

Save the changes to your profile.

Click on Save Changes to save your profile.

Changes saved.

To change your profile photo, click on Change profile photo.

Click on Change profile photo.

Select your profile photo. You will be able to crop this image.

Click on Select Your File.

Using your mouse, select the square you want to use for your profile photo.

Crop your photo.

Click on Crop Image to crop.

Click on Crop Image.

To change your cover image, click on Change cover image.

Click on Change cover image.

Click on select your file. You can’t crop this image, so please use a program like GIMP to crop your photo before uploading this. The dimensions you want are 1300 pixels wide by 225 pixels tall.

Click on Select Your File.


View your cover image.

Now it’s time to visit the forums.

Click on Forums in the menu.

You can see topics at the top and forums at the bottom.

Topics in the forums.

Clicking on a user’s name, you can visit their profile.

Click on a user to view their profile.

Click on Add Friend to request them to be your friend on Open In Indiana.

Click on Add Friend to request.

Friendship Requested.

Return to the forums.

Return to the forums.

Click on a topic to view it.

Click on a topic to view 
the topic and replies.

If the topic is in a group, you can join it if the group is public.

Join a public group.

If you are already a 
member, you can leave the group, too.

On a topic, you can favorite a topic, subscribe to replies, and reply to the topic yourself.

A topic in the Open In Indiana forums for signing up to speak at Open In Indiana networking events.

The reply field.

Enter your reply in the field and click on submit.

Type and submit your reply.

You can view your reply on the topic.

Your reply on the topic.

At the bottom of the forums page, you can also explore the other forums.

Forums at the bottom of the main forum page.

Upcoming Free Workshops

If you have any questions, you can post in the Using the Open In Indiana Directories Forum or contact us! We’ll also be holding a series of 4 free workshops in July to help you sign up. Each workshop will last for 1 hour, and we highly recommend you register for these workshops on Eventbrite, as the space is limited, and we cannot guarantee spaces unless you register!
Choose the location that’s best for you, all workshops are from 2pm to 3pm:

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