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      Carly Henry

      Hello! Today I’ve got 5 tips for Optimizing Your Open In Indiana Listing for faster load times, better SEO, and more clicks.

      5 Tips to Optimize Your Open In Indiana Listing

      Tip 1: Reommended Image Dimensions

      Social media sites all have their own image dimensions preferences, and I would recommend optimizing your images to the recommend size for shared images to Facebook. This is an image size of at least 1200px wide and 628px tall.

      If you have a smaller image like a logo, consider placing it in the center of a white background, with about 1/3 of the background visible around all the edges. This will increase the chances that your logo is clearly visible when shared.

      Tip 2: Minimizing Image Size

      It’s important to deliver both high-quality and small-size for online images (we’re only talking about images in the JPG format here). This will allow your listing to load faster.

      Using an app like GIMP (find the link and tutorials for the Graphical Image Manipulation Program here), you can optimize your images for the web. Here is a link to the tutorial ‘Changing the Size (Filesize) of a JPEG‘ from GIMP.

      Tip 3: Create Descriptive Image Alt Text

      Alt text allows both users who can’t see the images and search robots to better understand what’s in an image.

      If the image fails to load in a users browser, they will still see the alternative text for the image, making your listing more consistent for all users. Search engines can use the alt text to help index the image for image searches.

      The main ideas to remember when writing alt text are to be as concise as possible without repeating other text, and don’t include text like ‘This is an image of…’. For more tips on writing and understanding alt text for images, I recommend reading WebAIM’s (Web Accessibility In Mind) article ‘Alternative Text‘.

      The great news is you only have to write this text when you first upload an image.

      Tip 4: Use the Resharer

      Don’t forget to fill out the Resharer fields for your directory listing, offer, and events. You can watch our ‘5-Minute Field Guide: Getting Your Business Shared through Open In Indiana‘ for a walkthrough of setting up and updating the Resharer fields for your listing.

      Once your Resharer text has been shared (watch the video on how to tell), it’s a great idea to update this text so that the next time your listing is shared, it’ll have original content!

      Tip 5: Complete Your Business Listing

      Don’t stop with just your directory listing! Make sure you complete your offer. This could be a seasonal promotion, new customer special, or unique promo code for Open In Indiana users. Don’t forget to fill out this page and offer potential users something special.

      Do you have any events? Then make sure you’ve added them to your business listing. You can add Resharer text to each event just like your directory listing and offer.

      I hope these tips are useful. Do you have any questions? Comment below and ask!

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