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    Carly Henry

    Don’t wait to get started!

    There are many open source apps available for use in your projects today. From word processing to graphics, animation to live streaming, there are lots of ways to use open source apps to create your content.

    Here I’m including 10 open source apps that you can use today (for free*) to create your content.

    *That’s free like in “Free Kittens”; sure, you’re getting free cats, but you get all the expenses that go with having cats. In terms of open source apps, the ‘but’ is that you have to learn to use the app.

    While there is a learning curve any time you pick up new software, many open source apps have documentation and are supported by a wide variety of user contributed how-tos.

    If you’re not sure where to start, try GIMP. It’s a graphics editor that’ll let you create and edit images.

    I hope you can use some of these programs!

    What other open source apps do you use for your business? Share them with me below!

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