The annual filing of income tax is a required ritual for Americans–both individuals and businesses. It’s not how you fill out the forms. It’s how you make your money that makes the difference in taxes. And making sure you avoid the “gotchas” built into the tax code is important as well.

Taxwright provides education and support throughout the year to lessen and remove the pain that comes from tax filing.

Business owners learn techniques and short cuts that put them in control of their business finance, always with a view to increase profits to provide the foundation for the business owner’s growing wealth. And we do it in a way that minimizes the time you have to spend dealing with the little details of bookkeeping.

We work individually with clients through quarterly or monthly meetings to discuss issues that are important to them. We also have periodic classes dealing with business topics such as payroll, accounting software, growth and expansion, and other topics that concern our clients.

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