Open In Indiana

Connect with Your Local Community

Open In Indiana is focused on connecting local businesses to the communities they serve. We combine face-to-face networking groups and events with an active online community to help promote our members.

Our Philosophy

We believe networking is about building meaningful partnerships with fellow business leaders. We Believe Networking Is:

  • An opportunity to connect with fellow business owners in your community
  • An opportunity to share your expertise through discussion and presentation
  • An equal effort of each member to participate in discussion and member advocacy
  • A group of professionals who discuss goals and hold each other accountable to them
  • An opportunity to give back to the communities we serve
  • An opportunity to build partnerships into friendship


A New Take On Networking



Open In Indiana networking groups are open to all local businesses regardless of size and industry.

Relationship Building

Open In Indiana members are focused on getting to know fellow members and how they can help.

Community Involvement

We believe that giving back to our community is a core value of every successful entrepreneur.

Online Community

Publish your profile, create an offer, share your event and join the discussion with fellow members.

Leadership Opportunities

Are you ready to become a leader? We’ll help you start your own Open In Indiana networking group.

Why Should You Join Open In Indiana?

Network Groups

Connect with fellow local businesses, share advice and learn new information at these free networking groups.

Workshops & Group Training

Learn new skills in our hands-on workshops, covering topics like identifying your best prospects, using social media for business, email marketing and other tools.

Social Events

Join us for fun, casual events and get to know your community outside of work.

Member Profile

Promote your business on Open In Indiana and connect with new customers in your local community.


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