IDLife – Healthy Simplified



My name is Tanya and I am here to assist everyone that is looking to improve their health.  No matter what your mission is, together we can achieve results.

How do I know?

I have been walking this journey to better health for a year and half.  I have lost 54 lbs, and working to my ultimate goal of 92 lbs gone FOREVER!  With my new attitude, mindset, exercise, small changes in eating habits and my AMAZING products from IDLife I am seeing the results!

What does IDLife offer you ask?

  • Customized nutrition with a FREE, HIPAA compliant online health assessment available on my website
  • Energy products
  • Protein shakes
  • Hydration products
  • Sleep products
  • Skin Care
  • so much more!
  • Best part about them all- No sugar, soy, gluten, NON GMO, Casein free product line and many are Vegan friendly!!!

Let’s get together and chat about your next step to a healthier you!

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