The True Benefits of Why People Buy Workshop

This workshop is about the benefits of your product or service and why potential customers would want to buy from you.
Most sales professionals already know that their products have features, advantages and benefits. They also know that customers don’t buy the features or advantages, they buy the benefits.


Planning Your Content with A Content Calendar

Building your social media presence means you’ll have to post new content regularly to keep followers engaged. That means creating new content that wins new customers and keeps them coming back. You can save time creating content for your followers by using a content calendar to plan your social media strategy.

Planning Your Content Calendar Workshop from Open In Indiana and Sponsored by: Bankable

Choosing Your Medium & Finding Your Audience

Social media is an important component of any small business marketing strategy, but it can be overwhelming to be on so many networks. The secret is, quality over quantity, focus on the networks your customers and prospects use, and focus on creating quality content to engage your target audience.

A computer screen with a social media icon and an email envalope, a stack of postcards, and flyers, and a large sign on a stand that reads 'Choosing Your Medium and Finding Your Audience'

Identifying Your Best Prospects

Identifying your best customers and prospects is the first step in marketing to your target audience. If you don’t have an accurate picture of your target, how are you supposed to find them?

Identifying Your Best Prospects, with an image of two people shaking hands colored green, surrounded by a black, semi-transparent frame.

Intro to WordPress

Come join us for Intro to WordPress! This workshop is designed to help you solve your problems with WordPress, so bring your favorite device, your WordPress login info, and all your questions about posts, menus, themes, and more!

Intro to WordPress,a teal pointy circle over a pick and green screenshot of the WordPress dashboard.

Ask A Marketer

Do you have questions about marketing your business? This is the event for you! Bring your questions and a notebook as we answer your questions in a live discussion with Ryan Henry of Henry Marketing Group. This event is open to small business owners who are looking for tips, techniques and ideas to creatively market…


Planning & Automating Your Social Media Workshop

While social media is essential for growing your business, isn’t there a better way to manage your own social media without spending a lot of time on it? There is! And we’re going to help you automate your social media so you can spend more time growing your business.

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