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Brand New Open In Indiana Website Launching Soon

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We’re making it even easier for visitors to find businesses in their community.

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Instantly connect with fellow Open In Indiana members to grow your professional network.

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Build your local business into a brand with the tools to compete in a modern economy.

Our New Home Page

The New Open In Indiana Home Page

  1. “Places” is where visitors can go to search for local businesses nearby.
  2. “Members” is where visitors can go to see Open In Indiana members. This page displays all members by most recent activity.
  3. “Add A Business” is where visitors can go to add their business to Open In Indiana.
  4. “For Business” is where local business owners can learn more about the resources and services provided by Open In Indiana.
  5. Website visitors can search local businesses by name, category, keywords and location.
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  7. “Share This” is for visitors who want to share the page on social media, or by QR code.

Improved Community Pages

Member Map

Find local business in your area with a map of Open In Indiana business members in your community

Business Hours

Let customers know when you’re open with the addition of Business Hours to your free Open In Indiana business listing.

Customer Reviews

Happy customers are the best referrals! We’ve added the ability for your happy customers to share their story.

Community Resources

Each community includes contact information for government, utilities and additional services.

Current Open In Indiana Communities


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Launched in 2018


Launched in 2017


Launched in 2018


Launched in 2017


Launched in 2018


Launched in 2019


Launched in 2018

New Open In Indiana Communities Coming Soon

Beech Grove

Launching August 2019


Launching October 2019


Launching October 2019


Launching October 2019


Launching August 2019


Launching October 2019


Launching November 2019


Launching November 2019

More Communities Coming in 2020

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