Creating Buzz for Your Business in 2019

Do you want more buzz for your business? More people talking, more people sharing, more people learning about your business is important, because no one can do business with you if they’ve never heard of you!
In our May blog, we’re going over 4 of the big social media platforms to answers to a few big questions: How does their algorithm decide what to show users?, What types of content should my business post to increase engagement?, How else can I increase engagement on these platforms? Whether you’re just starting online or already have an established presence, make sure you check out the full blog, because you are sure to find some new ideas for 2019!

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Establishing a Content Calendar

Your content calendar is a collection of resources that allows you to more quickly and easily plan your social media content.

There are 3 parts you’ll keep track of, your planned (or scheduled) post content, a content calendar template to make sure you’re posting a good mix of content, and a list of events, holidays, and post ideas that haven’t been scheduled yet.

This will be your source of future posts making it easier to see what’s coming up and to post timelier and more relevant posts.

If you’re wondering why you should want a content calendar or how to get started, then read on!

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Choosing Your Medium: What channels and social media networks should I use for my business?

How do you choose where to focus your time promoting content? You want to think about all of the channels and social media networks to find those that best work for your target audience. In this blog, we’re looking at who uses the biggest social media channels, along with some other statistics about email and direct mail.

Learn why you should focus on fewer social media channels in 2019, and which audiences can be found on which medium. Click through to find out about our workshop including social media best practices for 2019.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source Content Management System. “WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use”, according to the mission statement on As a flexible CMS, it is designed to work for wide variety of uses and designed to be extended for even more uses.

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