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Danny O'Malia, Indy's Trusted Servant

“I recommend anything Ryan Henry does. Why? Because he always does what he says he will do. I enjoy his Open in Indiana networking events and have met great folks there.”Danny O’Malia, Indy’s Trusted Servant

Leader of Open In Indiana Business Casual Mingle, Angela Allen

“Carly and Ryan Henry are very knowledgeable in gaining exposure through social media. I highly recommend attending at least one Open in Indiana event.”Angela Allen, Vital Equity Realty

“I have been to several workshops hosted by Ryan and Open In Indiana. The workshops are the right size to get the personal attention you need to understand and implement the information. Ryan is very knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive, collaborative, patient, and professional. I would recommend Open In Indiana to anyone needing help with their electronic marketing needs.”Michael Burger, Four Seasons Consulting Group

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Network Groups

Connect with fellow local businesses, share advice, and learn new information at these free networking groups.


Learn new skills in our hands-on workshops, covering topics like identifying your best prospects, choosing and using social media, email marketing, and workshops for specific online tools.

Social Events

Join us for fun, casual events and get to know your community outside of work!

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Promote your business through Open In Indiana and connect with new people in your community.

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Small Biz Indy Podcast

On this episode of Small Biz Indy, Christian Tombers of Charlie Tango Productions joins us for our first installment of Ask A Sales Expert.

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Your content calendar is a collection of resources that allows you to more quickly and easily plan your social media content. There are 3 parts you’ll keep track of, your planned (or scheduled) post content, a content calendar template to make sure you’re posting a good mix of content, and a list of events, holidays, and post ideas that haven’t been scheduled yet. This will be your source of future posts making it easier to see what’s coming up and to post timelier and more relevant posts. If you’re wondering why you should want a content calendar or how to get started, then read on!

On a dark green background, is a calendar drawn in a lime green, with blocks accented with stars and circles, along with the text "Establishing a Content Calendar for Your Business".

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